The DAGR Approach

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Platinum Series

Industrial-grade, high-performance LED bay lights and flood lights

Our Platinum Series lights provide a proven, high-wattage alternative to traditional bay and flood lighting for commercial, industrial and hazardous environments. Available in a range of styles, wattages and lighting angles, our Platinum Series delivers flexibility and reliability for all your lighting needs.

DayBreak Series

Powerful, high-intensity industrial LED lighting – unrivaled in the industry

Our industry-leading DayBreak Series includes some of the brightest and most-powerful lighting fixture on the market today. Engineered for maximum lumen output and superior lighting quality, they easily outperform traditional high-wattage lighting options.

EXP Series

our Tough and rugged explosion-proof industrial LED fixtures for hazardous environments

Our tough and rugged EXP Series fixtures are among the most durable, explosion proof LEDs available. They are ideal for gas or dust-explosive environments, or for any facility where extreme durability is required.

Evergreen Series

Next generation LED alternative to fluorescent lighting

Our Evergreen Series is a one-for-one replacement solution for traditional fluorescent tubes and fixtures. These lights offer superior lighting quality and reliability for a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.

Additional Products

Wallpacks, LED Tubes, LED bulbs and more

In addition to the lighting series above, DAGR is able to supply a wide range of other LED products for both industrial and commercial applications. Get in touch with us for all your LED needs.