Industrial LED Lighting Design Case Study: Hockey Arena

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Hockey Arenas: The Challenge

Reduces the thermal load for cool savings in refrigeration costs!

Indoor Ice arenas are a good example of the benefits of leveraging high efficiency LED fixtures and technical lighting design to not only increase lighting quality and lifetime, but also to maximize energy cost savings through lighting systems and cooling loads for the arena’s maintenance equipment.

DAGR undertook redesigns of several large indoor ice hockey arenas, which typically had over 100 – 1,000W Metal Halide fixtures directed at the ice surface. The lighting standard for televised National-Level Hockey Arenas of this size recommends 1,000 lux. The high operation temperatures of metal halides creates significant additional costs in refrigeration in order to keep the ice surface at top quality for all activities.

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The Lighting Solution

High efficacy LEDs minimize heat generation and DAGR’s hockey arena retrofit clients not only achieve energy savings from lighting based energy savings but also gain energy savings from minimizing the arena’s refrigeration costs due to heat generated by the traditional metal halides.
DAGR’s Hockey Arena lighting designs minimize unwanted reflections into the crowd and glare. Each light is angled to !make optimal use of its output and provide uniform illuminance across the ice surface. Through DAGR’s careful design, the lighting counts are typically reduced by 25%, from the original 100 x 1000W metal halides to fewer than 75 x 400W MPHDS DAGR LEDs.

DAGR’s expertise in lightning design services and fixtures are for ice arenas of all sizes and uses. Whether it’s a community rink or a large nationally televised stadium, DAGR works to maximize client’s savings.

Results Overview:

  • More than 70% reduction in energy consumption

  • 25% Reduction in Fixture Count

  • Reduction in Refrigeration Costs