Industrial LED Lighting Case Study: Richardson International

Richardson International lighting project

Richardson International: The Challenge

Richardson International is Canada’s largest, privately-owned agribusiness. Their North Vancouver terminal is recognized as one of the most successful and efficient grain handling facilities in the world – exporting more than 3 million metric tons of grains and oil seeds globally. It includes 50m high grain storage silos, a terminal work house and rail yard.

The facility, which operates 24/7, was experiencing poor light uniformity, with many areas of shadow. This not only affected employees’ ability to operate, but it also created a safety concern for Richardson – a company recognized for their achievements in workplace health and safety. At the same time, BC Hydro, the local utility provider, was encouraging their industrial customers to reduce energy consumption by upgrading to energy-efficient lighting.

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The Lighting Solution

66 DAGR Daybreak Series industrial LED fixtures were installed to replace the existing 1000w and 400w metal halide lights. The LED fixtures were installed at the top of the concrete grain silos (50m height), as well as pole-mounted in the rail yard. The decision to go with the DAGR solution was based on a number of factors including the quality and functionality of the product, competitive pricing, and the consultative approach taken by DAGR. In addition to providing a complete business case outlining energy savings and return on investment, DAGR also helped Richardson take advantage of the available incentives offered by BC Hydro. Two-years after the initial upgrade, an additional 15 DAGR fixtures were installed as part of a Terminal expansion project.


As a result of the upgrade, Richardson saw a dramatic improvement and light levels and
overall light uniformity – providing workers with a safer, more functional work environment. In all, energy consumption was reduced by more than 60%, saving Richardson approximately $25,000 in energy-related costs annually.

Results Overview:

  • 60% reduction in energy consumption

  • $25,000 in annual savings

  • Project payback in under 2 years