Industrial LED Lighting Case Study: New Lakeland Mills


Lakeland Mills: The Challenge

In April 2012, the original Lakeland sawmill was destroyed by a catastrophic explosion and fire. Sawdust accumulation was found to be a contributing factor. When the decision was made to rebuild the mill, the Sinclar Group committed to designing a facility that would create the safest possible work environment for their employees. Lighting for the new mill needed to be certified for hazardous, dust-explosive environments. It also needed to be energy efficient and create a bright, safe and functional space for workers. This high-profile project involved multiple stakeholders and tight timelines.

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The Lighting Solution

DAGR Industrial Lighting installed 294 BL420 LED bay lights and 95 FL570 LED flood lights at Lakeland Mills. The fixtures are all Class II — certified for hazardous, dust-explosive environments. Working closely with the Sinclar Group’s Energy Manager and project team, DAGR proposed an industrial LED lighting solution that would not only improve safety standards at the mill, but would also significantly reduce energy consumption and improve lighting quality. Throughout the process we worked with key stakeholders to ensure all aspects of LED technology were understood the the tight construction and delivery timelines were met.


With Lakeland Mills, the Sinclar Group has set a new standard for safety in the Canadian sawmill industry. The facility is well-lit, contributing to a safe and positive work environment. It is estimated that energy consumption has been reduced by 72% over conventional lighting, with a projected energy savings of approximately $540,000 over five-years. With energy and maintenance savings, the lighting project will pay for itself in one-year.

Results Overview:

  • More than 70% reduction in energy consumption

  • Over $500,000 in energy savings over 5-years

  • Project payback in 1 year