Industrial LED Lighting Case Study: Canfor

Canfor Case Study

Canfor: The Challenge

Canfor has long been a proponent of sustainability in its forestry operations and is also one of North America’s largest producers of bioenergy. In British Columbia, and with the help of funding from BC Hydro, Canfor has introduced many energy-efficient practices and technologies into its operations.

As part of its overall Strategic Energy Management Plan, Canfor sought to implement a high efficiency lighting technology that would show that saving energy doesn’t have to come at a cost. The switch to LED from traditional HID technology not only increased lighting quality and acuity, but also reduced operation and maintenance costs associated with bulb and ballast replacements.

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The Lighting Solution

Since 2012, Canfor has relied on DAGR to specify and supply high-quality industrial LED lighting for its sawmill operations throughout British Columbia. In many cases while energy savings have been the prime driver behind projects, sites have seen improvements in both illumination levels and maintenance requirements.

DAGR’s Platinum Series BL620 LED high bay light fixtures and FL570 LED floodlights have proven ideal for many of Canfor’s locations as their Class II Division 1 hazardous location certification allows them to be installed in high-dust environments to provide safe and efficient lighting. In total, Canfor has installed close to 3,000 platinum series LED light fixtures.


Through their LED lighting retrofit projects, Canfor has achieved annual energy savings in excess of 8,000,000 kWh, amounting to $4,500,000 in 5-year savings when including maintenance. The majority of projects have seen reductions in consumption of up to 70% and paybacks typically under 2 years with some at just 1 year with support from the PowerSmart program.

Results Overview:

  • Multiple projects across BC operations

  • 8,000,000 kWh/yr in energy savings

  • ≈$4,500,000 in 5-year energy savings