Benefits of Industrial LED Lighting

Businesses today are under pressure to maximize energy-efficiency, reduce costs and improve safety across their operations. DAGR Industrial Lighting can help you achieve all three with LED. With the rebates and incentives currently being offered by a number of governments and power companies, there has never been a better time to upgrade to LED. Whether you are retrofitting an existing facility or building a new one, the advantages of LED are unrivaled.

Energy Efficiency.

LED is the most energy efficient lighting solution available on the market today. By upgrading your existing, inefficient fixtures to DAGR LEDs, you can expect to reduce your facility’s energy consumption by up to 75%. And with improved lighting quality and smarter lighting design, you can light the same space with fewer fixtures, increasing your energy savings even further.

Cost Savings.

By installing DAGR industrial LED fixtures, you will immediately begin to realize cost-savings that will improve your bottom line. In addition to reduced energy costs, you will also save on maintenance, replacement costs, operational downtime and equipment rentals. Plus, many governments and electrical utilities offer incentives and rebates to encourage you to upgrade to LED. So how much money will you save? It’s different for each project. Our team of specialists will work with you to design a lighting solution that meets your operational needs and maximizes your return on investment. Email DAGR at today for a free, no obligation assessment.


By eliminating the high-risk maintenance and replacement requirements of your traditional lighting system, the potential for workplace accidents can be significantly reduced. No one is going to be burned by touching a hot light. Plus brighter lighting and even light distribution on the ground can lead to fewer slips, trips and falls and other safety incidents. DAGR is proud to offer industry-leading hazardous location certifications standard on most of our products.

Operating Life.

One of the greatest benefits of installing LEDs is their long operating life. Most DAGR LED fixtures are rated for a lifespan of 90,000 hours, based on the L70 industry standard. That’s more than 10-years of continuous operation with a minimum of 70% lumen maintenance or brightness. Unlike traditional lighting technologies, industrial LEDs don’t burn-out or flicker. Instead, they gradually fade over time. And this all happens so slowly that you won’t even realize it’s happening.


DAGR industrial LED fixtures are virtually maintenance-free, meaning less time and expense spent maintaining and replacing light bulbs — not to mention the operational downtime and scaffolding/lift rental costs involved. And because DAGR LEDs don’t get hot like traditional lighting fixtures, dust and dirt is not going to bake on, diminishing the light output.

Improved Light Quality.

DAGR LEDs offer a dramatic lighting upgrade over traditional metal halide and high intensity discharge fixtures. They deliver whiter, brighter lighting that can help to improve productivity, employee morale and safety.


Because LEDs are a solid state technology, there are no filaments or bulbs to break. This makes them an ideal lighting solution for industrial environments. They are extremely resistant to shock and vibration, and won’t stop working if they get knocked around a little.

Instant On.

DAGR LEDs are ready to go when you are. They don’t require any warm-up period – even in cold temperatures.


Many governments and electricity providers offer rebate and incentive programs to commercial and industrial businesses to encourage them to upgrade their inefficient lighting systems to LED. We have worked with many of these programs in the past and can help you to navigate the application process to ensure you receive the maximum return on your investment.