BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance

BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance is a network of independent professionals who assist businesses in British Columbia to identify, investigate and implement energy efficient solutions. Whether your business is based in BC or somewhere else, we can help you take advantage of any rebates or incentive programs you may qualify for. The network is made up of energy efficient trade professionals who are registered with BC Hydro. Alliance members ensure that business customers identify opportunities to save energy, install energy-efficient products and receive incentives.

Power Smart Alliance Eligibility Criteria

Members of the alliance consist of electrical, lighting and mechanical professionals who work on energy efficiency projects in the commercial and industrial sectors. There are specific eligibility requirements for membership for each sector. The sectors consist of Commercial Distributors, Commercial Consulting Engineers, Commercial Contractors, Commercial Manufacturers & Agents, Industrial Consultants & Registered Experts, and Industrial Distributors.

Power Smart Programs & Incentives

There are different programs within the Power Smart Alliance that help to drive businesses by making energy efficiency projects cost effective for customers. A few examples of the different programs that are offered are:

  1. Power Smart Express Program, which is ideal for retail, offices, strata, hospitality and restaurants. The Power Smart Express Program has incentives that have help cover up to 75 percent of the cost of an energy efficiency project.
  1. New Construction Program (NCP). This program is ideal for new commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential developments. The New Construction Program includes funding for energy studies and other incentives for building owners and developers.
  1. Power Smart Partners (PSP) Commercial, which is best for schools and hospitals, offers a range of energy management programs, tools and incentives for large commercial customers.
  1. Self-Serve Incentive Program (SIP). This is a program recommended for manufacturing and food & beverage processing. The SIP program offers its members incentives that can also help cover up to 75 percent of the cost of energy-efficient lighting and compressed air systems.
  1. Power Smart Partners (PSP) Industrial, is recommended for the pulp & paper, mining and large transportation companies. It includes energy management programs, as well as funding and enticements for energy studies and capital projects for large industrial companies.
  1. New Plant Design is ideal for industrial plants. It includes funding and design expertise for a new plant or expansion.

For more information about the Alliance they can be contacted by email, mail or phone:

Email: alliance@bchydro.com

604 522 4713 – Lower Mainland
1 866 522 4713 – Elsewhere in B.C.

BC Hydro, Power Smart Alliance
333 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5R3